PhilaGolf.com is a website devoted to providing honest and in-depth reviews of Philadelphia’s public golf courses. The goal is to combine historical information, golf course architecture and playing experience to help the golfers of the Philadelphia region learn more about the courses available for all to play.

As we review the courses we’re looking at a few important parts of the golfing experience:

  1. Is it fun? – Golf is a leisure activity and a sport. You should have fun when you’re playing a course. Things that aren’t fun: losing golf balls, slow play, boring golf holes.
  2. Is it a good value for money? – Golf isn’t a cheap activity. My goal is to help you know if the course will provide good value for the money you spend.
  3. Is it worth the drive? – Golf is also a time investment, both on the course and on the way there. Courses around Philly are pretty spread out, so inevitably you’ll spend 30-60 minutes driving to your destination. Based on #1 and #2, we’ll give you a good idea of the answer to #3.

Our goal is to be the best source of the best public golf course profiles in Philadelphia.

About Andy Hertzog

I love playing golf. It’s a sport that combines social, athletic, competitive and natural experiences. I’m a 16 handicap and have three sons (15, 12 and 7), so time and money are vital to my experience. I have also become a little obsessed with golf course architecture and history, so that will be a strong focus of this website.

I am born and raised in Philadelphia and graduated from Central High School in 1997. I took up golf at 12, starting with a summer clinic at John F. Byrne in the Northeast. I didn’t play much but always enjoyed it. I started playing a lot more in 2013. Besides golf, I enjoy running, playing and coaching soccer and supporting all Philadelphia sports. My day job is in Marketing for a national energy company.

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