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PhilaGolf is a website that explores the Philadelphia golfing scene. While primarily focused on reviewing public golfing options, we will explore many golf-related topics.

I love playing golf. It’s a sport that combines social, athletic, competitive and natural experiences. I’m a 16 handicap and have three sons (14, 10 and 5), so time and money are vital to my experience. I have also become a little obsessed with golf course architecture and history, so that will be a strong focus of this website.

Philadelphia is a great golf scene, with some of the best courses in the nation. While these gems get a lot of attention, there are many of us that are public course players. Depending on what part of the region you live in, there is a wide variety of options. There are times where a $95 round at Glen Mills fits the bill, while on another day $15 to walk is your plan. My goal is to help you choose based on value, time and fun.

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